Eye contact

Do you always maintain the eye contact?

Eye contact
Eye contact

The eye contact is a very critical and important part of a good relationships between people. We discussed with you some points about our smiles. Smile and eye contact are the universal keys to open any heart and mind. Often we forget about it and try to communicate without these important things.

Sometimes it could be difficult to maintain eye contact, especially if you are shy. Some people have a power to suppress others with their authority or position. Don’t be afraid, look in their eyes! They are just humans.

You need to practice before. Seat in front of the mirror and try to look on the place between your eyes – exactly to the nose bridge. It is not important to look directly to the eyes, it is difficult and useless. Nobody can notice it. When you become confident looking in your own eyes, try to use it every time when you speak with any person. Remember to keep an internal smile and a perfect eye contact. What do I mean about a “perfect eye contact”? When you listen anybody (a friend, a family member, a chief, an unknown person), try to glue to him/her with your eyes. Don’t look only to eyes, try to notice small gestures, try to listen, try to understand others.

When You can do it easily you will find out it is very powerful technique, not only for just conversations. It is useful for flirt too. Any women or men can fall in love with you only because of your gaze and an attention. You can actually make people to like you without any doubts and reasons. They simply can not explain why they like you. They will react to you as an old buddy.


It is a very powerful technique, just try to use it!


I think about the Death like an old friend. She (I imagine my Death like a young and pretty woman with golden hair) is always close to us. She stands and waits for us. When time comes you meet her.

I had an experience when I was very close. I could pass the thin border and die. But I was very lucky and I am alive. I am really happy of this. That experience was bad, but in fact it gave me a lot. I found that I don’t have a fear against my Death. The Death is just a friend. When I meet her I would like to smile and tell her story of my life with all my mistakes and happiness. She helps me to live!

I know a lot of people who forget about their Death. They just live, suffer for any reasons (important and not important). They leave a lot of things for tomorrow. But do we have tomorrow? Do we really have tomorrow? We have only now, a short time between our past and future. Click and it is in the past. Click, click… Feel your time. Spend it carefully!

Time and Death are connected. Remember about it!
Time and Death are connected. Remember about it!

You can live each day as your last. Carpe diem! Seize the day! Enjoy your days and know that she waits for you. She is not your enemy. Live full life, there is no time to negative thoughts, bad mood, everything is possible while you are alive. Each your word could be the last, do you want to say something bad or good? Do you want to hurt your relatives, friends, wife? Think of this! Only one thing can stop You from your goals and expectations! And you know her. Remember that She is not far, she is always close to you. Live with this thought, don’t do stupid things. Live! When I started to live like this I found out that I don’t have enough time to live. I am busy all day. Of course I have days when I don’t do nothing and spend it with my Love. But this time is useful too, because I give it to my Love.

Don’t forget about your Death!

Don’t be afraid!




Sometimes you want to tell something to someone.

Silence is not the best way to cope with stress
Silence is not the best way to cope with stress

It could be a confession, the rude or cruel words or anything else. It could be a real person (who is close to you or with whom you lost a contact) or even a dead person. Sometimes you can’t share your thoughts directly with anyone around you (not even with relatives, friends). In case if you need to do it I have a special hack for this.

write a letter
Write a letter

I write a letter. Yes, just a simple letter. I prefer to do it on paper with pen. You can try to do it on computer or cellphone. Choose what better fits for you. It is a bit old fashion way to express thoughts, but it really helps. It helps you to release stress in an easy and fast way. While you are writing your letter you will feel better. The words on the paper clear your head. Each word will help you to become free from thoughts. Perhaps you can find a better solution or create a plan. Perhaps it could help you to talk with this person.

When you finish it is better to destroy your letter. Probably you put their a lot of private things and you don’t want to make them public.

I prefer to destroy my letters
I prefer to destroy my letters

Just write a letter. I know that not everyone a writer. But with some practice you can express yourself better and better. Also it is a good skill in real life. Soon you will find that you can speak in a better way than others.

The center of your universe


What is in the center of your universe? We put a lot of different things inside our centers. We build our life around them. What should you put there?

I used to put their my fiancee. I build everything around this conception. I found out that it was not right decision, I gave too much and I did not get enough. It wasn’t effective. It made me weak and fragile. I could not choose the right decisions, I was a blind person. Because I could not see anything behind my fiancee. I thought about her more than about me. Once I realized it, I wanted to change it. And I did. First, you have to find out what is your main center. What did you put their?

I thought what to put in the center. What can make me a better person, what can return my freedom, give me clear view to everything around me. After some time I realized that the best what I can have in my center are ideas and conceptions. I put in the center of my mind the main concepts of my life:


I still work with my central conceptions. It is a life long process. Everyday I make my center solid and strong. I correct it due to my experience in life and wisdom.

Did it help to me? Sure, I could see everything in a new light. It gave me ability to see things without distortions.

How to do it?

1. Find the center of yourself! What do you hold their? Family? Friends? Wife? Greed? Money? Think about yourself. Analyze. Take your time.

2. Think about ideas that you want to have inside you. Take a paper and create a list.

3. Move the concepts inside your center! It is not a fast step. It is an everyday work. You must work day by day to get it.