Eye contact

Do you always maintain the eye contact?

Eye contact
Eye contact

The eye contact is a very critical and important part of a good relationships between people. We discussed with you some points about our smiles. Smile and eye contact are the universal keys to open any heart and mind. Often we forget about it and try to communicate without these important things.

Sometimes it could be difficult to maintain eye contact, especially if you are shy. Some people have a power to suppress others with their authority or position. Don’t be afraid, look in their eyes! They are just humans.

You need to practice before. Seat in front of the mirror and try to look on the place between your eyes – exactly to the nose bridge. It is not important to look directly to the eyes, it is difficult and useless. Nobody can notice it. When you become confident looking in your own eyes, try to use it every time when you speak with any person. Remember to keep an internal smile and a perfect eye contact. What do I mean about a “perfect eye contact”? When you listen anybody (a friend, a family member, a chief, an unknown person), try to glue to him/her with your eyes. Don’t look only to eyes, try to notice small gestures, try to listen, try to understand others.

When You can do it easily you will find out it is very powerful technique, not only for just conversations. It is useful for flirt too. Any women or men can fall in love with you only because of your gaze and an attention. You can actually make people to like you without any doubts and reasons. They simply can not explain why they like you. They will react to you as an old buddy.


It is a very powerful technique, just try to use it!

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