How To Get Your Ex Back

we need love
We all need Love!

The title sounds very promising. But it is a hell job with very controversial results. If you search in internet you will find a lot of information about this: articles, video, books. A lot of people sell their experience to You. And a lot of desperate people will pay.

There is no magic here. Sometimes you can get your ex back (life is not rational), but often it is impossible. You will just spend your life time in a nightmare loop of pain changing yourself.

Before I start, I must remind You. Think several times (maybe days) before you decide to do it. In our cruel reality it is like a lottery. Only few people from thousand can get their ex back. And if you get your ex back this is not a warranty that You will be happy together. Please remember it!

You decided to get her/him back. Are You sure?

There is a nice movie “Limitless”. I am pretty sure you know it. The solution was showed there. Do you remember the main hero there? A hero changed him completely with a special drug NZT. It was just a movie, but conception is true. I am going to explain You why.

The breakup always has a reason. Maybe not only one. You can change only one thing. You can try to find a reason inside yourself. You can break your personality and change yourself in a better way and became attractive and interesting. It sounds really good, but it is a torture. You have your character, habits for years and now you are going to change them all.

1. find problems (reasons) inside you. You can change only yourself.

2. try to change them.

It is a basic recipe. But how to do it?

I am going to give you an example. You are nice and vanilla. But she/he needs a strong person, who can rule her/him. Is it possible to change yourself completely in this way? Yes, you can do with you everything, but it is a painful way. And maybe it won’t make you happy.

The step by step guide is:

1. no contact – don’t show your weakness, use this time to work on yourself!

2. find reasons!

3. work on yourself, become interesting and attractive (change style, character, go to gym, loose some weight).

4. meet with other people, have fun, enjoy your life.

5. meet with her by accident, invite her – surprise her. Show her that you are completely different person. Watch the scene (from the “Limitless”) of the date between the hero and his ex at the restaurant.

Be happy.

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