Sometimes you want to tell something to someone.

Silence is not the best way to cope with stress
Silence is not the best way to cope with stress

It could be a confession, the rude or cruel words or anything else. It could be a real person (who is close to you or with whom you lost a contact) or even a dead person. Sometimes you can’t share your thoughts directly with anyone around you (not even with relatives, friends). In case if you need to do it I have a special hack for this.

write a letter
Write a letter

I write a letter. Yes, just a simple letter. I prefer to do it on paper with pen. You can try to do it on computer or cellphone. Choose what better fits for you. It is a bit old fashion way to express thoughts, but it really helps. It helps you to release stress in an easy and fast way. While you are writing your letter you will feel better. The words on the paper clear your head. Each word will help you to become free from thoughts. Perhaps you can find a better solution or create a plan. Perhaps it could help you to talk with this person.

When you finish it is better to destroy your letter. Probably you put their a lot of private things and you don’t want to make them public.

I prefer to destroy my letters
I prefer to destroy my letters

Just write a letter. I know that not everyone a writer. But with some practice you can express yourself better and better. Also it is a good skill in real life. Soon you will find that you can speak in a better way than others.

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