plan everything
Plan everything!

Today my friend I am going to explain you about the plans. It is very powerful and useful technique. When did you make a plan for anything? For tomorrow? For five years? Have you ever made a plan for the future? I mean a real plan, not dreams! The dreams are nice and I advice you to dream as much as possible, they make your life full and happier. But today we are talking about making plans. Try to remember. Answer yourself about your plans. If you make plans – this article is not for you. You already know how to use planning.

Planning is very useful in our life. If you live without planning you are going to lose the game of the life in a long distance. We must make plans. When you have a plan you don’t have doubts, you usually don’t have a lot of problems and you always feel secure. It is very important.

I ask you to create a plan. Start from a small step. Create a plan for tomorrow before going to sleep. Make it your habit. Make your life predictable. You might think that predictable life is boring. It is not true. Just try to take control over your life.

Start to make plans for next summer, year, 5 years. Make plans (not dreams) with your partner. It is a critical skill in a relationships. A lot of breakups happen, because of this.

Start to plan your life. Step by step guide yourself to the future!

I am not kidding! Write a plan for tomorrow!

Take a piece of paper and write down your plan for tomorrow!

chess board
Tactics and strategy!

There are two ideas that I brought from chess. I found them really useful for me. They could be useful for you. So, in chess there are:

1. Tactics – it is a short-term plan (2-3 moves or a day, a week).

2. Strategy – it is a long-term plan (a game or a year, ten years, etc).

Make your tactics for each tomorrow and strategy for a long periods of time (five, ten years and etc).

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