The center of your universe


What is in the center of your universe? We put a lot of different things inside our centers. We build our life around them. What should you put there?

I used to put their my fiancee. I build everything around this conception. I found out that it was not right decision, I gave too much and I did not get enough. It wasn’t effective. It made me weak and fragile. I could not choose the right decisions, I was a blind person. Because I could not see anything behind my fiancee. I thought about her more than about me. Once I realized it, I wanted to change it. And I did. First, you have to find out what is your main center. What did you put their?

I thought what to put in the center. What can make me a better person, what can return my freedom, give me clear view to everything around me. After some time I realized that the best what I can have in my center are ideas and conceptions. I put in the center of my mind the main concepts of my life:


I still work with my central conceptions. It is a life long process. Everyday I make my center solid and strong. I correct it due to my experience in life and wisdom.

Did it help to me? Sure, I could see everything in a new light. It gave me ability to see things without distortions.

How to do it?

1. Find the center of yourself! What do you hold their? Family? Friends? Wife? Greed? Money? Think about yourself. Analyze. Take your time.

2. Think about ideas that you want to have inside you. Take a paper and create a list.

3. Move the concepts inside your center! It is not a fast step. It is an everyday work. You must work day by day to get it.

Face your internal dragons

My conception of the mind is an existential world where live a lot of different creatures. Today I want to talk about the dragons. First I want to name them. Here they are:

  • Anger
  • Violence
  • Weakness
  • Impatience

Of course it is not a full list. It is just some of them. I am sure your dragons are different. I remember very well when I met my first dragon. It was an Anger. I could not control it. I just met him for the first time and it overwhelm me. I was not myself. I became a pure anger. I could not control my acts. I destroyed my hands. I was lucky I didn’t break any bone. After it I searched an answer how to face and control it. I want to dominate my dragons and suppress them. I would like to give them freedom only when I need them and be conscious. I am sure you know what I mean. Every alive person has his/her dragons. I started to recognize them and overtime I actually became their master. In my mind they all live in a very deep place. When I need them I can open any of them and give them controlled freedom.

How to cope with your internal dragons?

Recognize them, you have to be familiar with them. You need to know how they act. It will help you to control them. Just close your eyes and think about them. Imagine them inside your head. Where do they live? Are they free? How do they control your life? It takes time, don’t be in a rush. Just think about it during the day when you have a free minute. After some time you will be able to write their names. Do it!

Now you know them. You faced with them. Great! Now you can start the next step. Choose the opposite meaning for each of them (actually the opposite words are antonyms). For example, an anger – peace, calmness (choose any word that you like). You will get something like this:

  • Anger – Calmness
  • Violence – Peacefulness
  • Weakness – Strength
  • Impatience – Patience

Program yourself with the opposite dragons. Feed, grow them. They must overwhelm (imprison) your old dragons. You don’t need to destroy all of them. Sometimes you need your bad dragons, release them carefully. Control them. They can be useful in a stress situation. Do it everyday till you feel that you changed yourself.

I know the description was a bit fantastic. It is just my view on my bad sides. Frankly you can choose any description for this.

I could overwhelm my dragons. I keep only an Anger in a very deep place inside myself. It helps me to cope with stresses and with workouts. But I can perfectly control it. Good luck you with your dragons. Be patient and you will win.