The center of your universe


What is in the center of your universe? We put a lot of different things inside our centers. We build our life around them. What should you put there?

I used to put their my fiancee. I build everything around this conception. I found out that it was not right decision, I gave too much and I did not get enough. It wasn’t effective. It made me weak and fragile. I could not choose the right decisions, I was a blind person. Because I could not see anything behind my fiancee. I thought about her more than about me. Once I realized it, I wanted to change it. And I did. First, you have to find out what is your main center. What did you put their?

I thought what to put in the center. What can make me a better person, what can return my freedom, give me clear view to everything around me. After some time I realized that the best what I can have in my center are ideas and conceptions. I put in the center of my mind the main concepts of my life:


I still work with my central conceptions. It is a life long process. Everyday I make my center solid and strong. I correct it due to my experience in life and wisdom.

Did it help to me? Sure, I could see everything in a new light. It gave me ability to see things without distortions.

How to do it?

1. Find the center of yourself! What do you hold their? Family? Friends? Wife? Greed? Money? Think about yourself. Analyze. Take your time.

2. Think about ideas that you want to have inside you. Take a paper and create a list.

3. Move the concepts inside your center! It is not a fast step. It is an everyday work. You must work day by day to get it.

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